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Gates of Asgard Power Combo™

MARCH 2024

Embark on an epic journey to earn the favor of the Viking Gods to unlock Asgard’s bountiful riches in Infinity Dragon Studios Gates of Asgard Power Combo™, a fantasy adventure themed slot filled with Norse mythology, legend and lore. Gates of Asgard Power Combo™ is high volatility a 5-reel, 3-row slot that features three Link&Win™ features that can be combined, Instant Win Viking Valor Bonus game, and wins up to 10,525x total bet!


Land a Blue Scatter for 3 spins and Link&Win™ with 5x5 Expanded Reels! Land a Red Scatter symbol for a chance to trigger Link&Win™ with Instant Collect! Coin and Bonus prizes appear on all reels. When a Collect symbol lands, all landed Coin and Bonus prizes will instantly be collected!

Land a Purple Scatter symbol for a chance to trigger Link&Win™ with Random Multiplier! With this power active, a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x appears with every spin. The multiplier increases the coin value of any Coin prizes that land on the reel on the same spin!


Combine different colored Scatters in Power Combos to trigger Link&Win™ with combined features!


Land a Viking Warrior symbol for a chance to trigger the Viking Valor Bonus feature and a chance to instantly trigger any single or combination of Link&Win™ features if the corresponding Scatters land. Coin and Bonus prizes may also be awarded! The Viking Valor Bonus turns up the excitement with more ways to unlock the Link&Win™ and win cash prizes!

Use the Buy Feature to instantly trigger your selected Link&Win™ features. Pick and choose the features you prefer for a calculated cost for more chances to win big!

Step into the realm of the mighty Viking Gods in Gates of Asgard Power Combo™, a highly entertaining game with three different scatters for Link&Win™ Power Combos and feature combinations with wins up to 10,525x bet!



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Gates of Asgard Power Combo™

March 2024


Base Game: 5x3
Link&Win™ with Expanding Reels: 5x5

40 Paylines




Link&Win™ Expanding Reels, Random Multiplier, Instant Collect

Viking Valor Bonus, Buy Feature


Responsive, Dynamic Scaling

1920x1080 Responsive

Desktop, HTML5, iOS



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